Town Hall – Teglio (Sondrio). XVI secolo.

Piazza S.Eufemia of the City of Teglio – land registry distinguished in fg.48 215 SUB.1-2-3.

Located in a strategic position in the Valley, which dominates, and favored by exposure to the south, Teglio undoubtedly boasts an illustrious past, so much so that in the era Roman was probably controlled as a garrison in the Roman Province, which He stretched on the area Rhaetian.

Extreme Chronological

The overall architectural structure is typical of the late nineteenth century – but has some portions dating back to the sixteenth century.

Legal Status and Ties

The building is bound by the Superintendency with indirect constraint as a public building with fifty years of age.


a) Historical building:
The building consists of a part consisting of the oldest place of the factory on the northwest side of the body: a medieval tower still recognizable from the surrounded consistency and the powerful bosses at the corners.

The central part would be from the sixteenth century and is connected to the body by a large medieval staircase.


The buildings in the south-west and north-east corners are instead built in XIX century – of little historical value is the portion of the building to the southeast extension built in about the 1950s.

b) Historical information of the destination of the building:
The municipal building housed the primary school until the sixties, the secondary until the year 1980 and the municipal library with the municipal offices around until the year 1990.

In 1996 the council has decided to make an intervention of restoration of the building to convert it into a seat of the municipal offices”

Sources and Reference Documents

a) Presence of Archives: Bibliography: – F.S.Quadrio “critical-historical Dissertations internal to Raetia side of the Alps today Such Valtellina”, Milano 1755, Vol.I – G.L.Garbellini “Tellina Vallis. Teglio and its Castellanza, “Villa di Tirano 1991 b) Collections Presence 


Accessibility and available spaces

The Building is open to the public it is the seat of the Office of the Public Library of Teglio (SO)



City of Teglio 0342.789011




How to reach the Town Hall of Teglio – Piazza S.Eufemia, Teglio (So)

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