PALACE Piatti-Reghenzani “HOUSE OF CUCO’ ” – Teglio (Sondrio). XVI century.

Set in Piazza S. Eufemia of Teglio – fg.48 particle n.68.

Strategically located with respect to the Valley, which dominates, and favored by exposure to South, Teglio undoubtedly boasts an illustrious past, so that in time Roman was probably controlled as a garrison in the Roman Province, which.

He lays Rhaetian area.

Extreme Chronological
XVI century – original plan came in the sixteenth century .

Legal Status and Ties
Countersigned by the Act of 22 May 2003 between the Agency of state property (Section detached from Sondrio’s Milan branch) the property belonging to the State Historical Artistic Archaeological called “Casa del Cuco” with “the whole garden” is given in the sale to the City of Teglio to be dedicated to “the public library and activities of interest Comunale”.

The building in question of monumental historical matrix is subjected to direct link Ministerial, and is included in the General Plan in force in the area “A” historic fabric consolidated.

a) Historical building 

The ‘original plan came in the sixteenth century and resumed its envelope in the “building block” in view of the square in front of St. Eufemia.

b) Historical Family 

The building in Teglio commonly designated as “Casa del Cuco” is what remains of the palace of the House of dishes.

In the late eighteenth century, “for the bad treatment of ‘descendants inhabitants”, being now in sharp decline-lamenta family in his writings the jurist Giuseppe Vincenzo Tellino Besta (1753-1840?) -Palazzo Dishes appeared in poor condition owner Maddalena FAJ, widow Cats first marriage and then Biagio Plates, last of the noble family-precisa G. Vincenzo Besta – the palace “suffered last fatal shock even the demolition.”

Sources and Reference Documents
a) Presence of Archives: Investigations by the designer and construction manager the restoration Arch.Palladini Massimo and public library

b) Presence of Collections

Accessibility and available spaces
Palace under conservative restoration

Comune di Teglio 0342.789011


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